Web Design Steps

The Web Design Process

The web design process can sometimes be a daunting adventure. I have been through it many times from both sides of the table, from a client perspective and as the designer. Below is the process that we follow at Arford Web Design:

  1. Outline goals and/or mission for the website.
  2. Identify necessary services to meet the goals and mission of the website.
  3. Upload a working shell site to our Development Servers.
  4. Select the basic color palette, layout and structure for the website.
  5. Design the structural elements.
  6. Upload content and put all the basic Search Engine Optimization components in place.
  7. Build the editing account(s) and allow the client to begin editing content.
  8. Assist the client with obtaining the correct hosting account for their needs.
  9. Once approved Go Live!

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